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31st October: Photogallery Updates And Interview News (2009-10-31)

4 new photographs added to the Photogallery Section from 1983, 1985 and 1986 respectively. I have now gone through my collection of news and magazine articles, and have two very interesting interviews to type up from 1981 and 1982.  The 1982 interview in particular is as in depth as the 1985 GPI interview, but will […]

28th October: Special Interest Photogallery updated (2009-10-28)

I have decided to share some of my personal items of Elio de Angelis memorabilia, and have created a new subfolder under Special Interest entitled ‘Personal Collection’. This includes some rare models and replica helmets.  Enjoy!

27th October: Article From Corriere Della Sera (2009-10-27)

An excellent article which was published in the Corriere Della Sera which talked about Elio on the 20th anniversary of his passing on 15th May, 2006.  Although this article is in Italian, Google Translate does a good job of translation: Vent’ anni fa se ne andava de Angelis Il pilota che amava la Roma e Gershwin Vent’ anni fa, […]

26th October: Site Update (2009-10-26)

Two pieces of news to bring to the site today.  Firstly, a site update to the ‘links’ section, which now includes a link to the JPS Lotus website. Second, a rare photograph I obtained from ebay (see picture, Elio in the Brabham BT55 keeping an eye on the latest qualifying times). The full-size photograph will […]

23rd October: Photogallery Updates (2009-10-23)

Further updates to the photogalleries, featuring several pictures from the 1985 season and a very unusual photograph of Riccardo Patrese and Elio in the BT55’s from 1986! I’m off for a lie down now after what has been a very busy week of updates to the site.  Have a good weekend everyone…. 🙂

23rd October: Links Section Complete (2009-10-23)

The Links section has now been completed with various links to Formula 1 drivers past and present, as well as connections to Art and Photographic websites

22nd October: Site Layout And RSS Blog Feeds Complete (2009-10-22)

I am pleased to announce that the website redesign is now complete, and a full incorporation of RSS blog feeds for both the photogallery and the website have been created. The Photogallery Section has finally been completed, and my backlog of photographs have finally been uploaded. I must say a big thank-you to both Kurt Sikora […]

21st October: Finally…some content! (2009-10-22)

Finally…some content! It’s been a tough few weeks for me trying to get the site migrated from Geocities, from which this site was hosted from it’s conception in 1999, but finally thanks to some help from Mike Day (Webmaster of the Riccardo Patrese site) I finally managed to build a head of steam up and […]