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November 27: New ‘Elio on Ebay’ feature added (2009-11-27)

A new feature called ‘Elio on Ebay’ has been added to the main menu toolbar that allows you to browse all the current ebay listings for Elio under the main menu toolbar. Happy bidding!

16 November: 1981 AutoSprint Interview by Oscar Orefici (2009-11-16)

An Interview from AutoSprint by Oscar Orefici has been uploaded to the ‘Imaged Interviews’ under the ‘Interviews’ section. This article includes a 4 part interview with Elio, and features some rare and personal photographs of Elio working out and relaxing in Sardinia. The interview is in Italian, so anyone wishing to get a translation, I […]

11 November: New Features Article and Photogallery Update (2009-11-11)

A new article from Nigel Roebuck has been uploaded to the ‘Features’ section that gives an insight into the situation at Team Lotus during 1985, where Ayrton Senna gradually shifted the focus away from Elio. The feature was taken from the 1985 ‘Autosport’ year in review.  

7 November: Elio de Angelis ‘Out Of Time’ Article (2009-11-8)

A new article entitled ‘Elio de Angelis – Out Of Time’ is now available under the ‘Features’ section.  Within this article, Elio reveals his relationships with Colin Chapman and Nigel Mansell at Team Lotus, as well as explaining his key motivations in life.

5 November: 1981 GPI Interview now published (2009-11-5)

Hot on the heels of the 1982 GPI publication, the 1981 GPI Interview with Mike Doodson is now online.  This is the earliest in-depth interview with Elio de Angelis I have yet found, and Elio talks about his relationship with Mario Andretti and the responsibilities of being a team-leader at such a relatively young age.

4 November: 1982 GPI Interview now available (2009-11-4)

The 1982 Grand Prix International Interview is now online and can be found under the ‘Interviews’ section.  It’s a very interesting read into the early days at Lotus under Colin Chapman, and an excellent insight into the challenges a young grand prix driver faced back in the early 1980’s.

1st November: 2 New And VERY Rare Videos Added! (2009-11-1)

Two fantastic new videos exclusive to this website courtesy of Antonio Mizzanu have been uploaded, and a new Television Documentaries subcategory added to the Multimedia section. Both of these videos are extremely rare.  The first is a SkySports feature on Italian Racing heroes, which includes a lookback on Elio’s career from his family, friends and […]