04 September: French F1 Legend Jacques Laffite Remembers Elio de Angelis

A short but informative interview with French Formula 1 legend ‘Happy’ Jacques Laffite, taken from www.motorsport-aktuell.com┬áis posted below:

<originally transcribed from German>

On Sunday the death of Elio de Angelis for the 25th anniversary MOTORSPORT times reminiscent of the current Italian with a sympathetic story and anecdotes from eyewitnesses in the print edition released tomorrow Tuesday. Advance a few memories of Jacques Laffite, who had learned to appreciate the “Black Prince” in the ’80s as an opponent to the track and off the slopes as a buddy.

Jacques Laffite on Elio de Angelis, “Elio was a very nice guy, a real gentleman. He was very wise and always correct. I liked him very much. He came from a very good family. His father was wealthy. It made you feel but never let Elio. His family was always very reserved and modest up, “said Lafitte.

“I still remember the funeral in Rome” continues, said the Frenchman. “I was at this weekend’s Formula 3000 race at Pau, and flew from there by plane to Italy and back again. Than I did two months later at Brands Hatch and I crashed multiple leg fractures have been drawn, so that my Formula 1 career was over, Elios brother was the first who stood by my bedside. The gesture I will never forget. That was just typical of the de Angelis family. “

De Angelis: Straightforward contemporary

“Because Elio already since 1979 in Formula 1 was, we are around the globe time and again off course, met on the trails. And every now and again we have “sat together at a table, recalls Laffite. “I’ve always enjoyed his presence. He was straightforward and the evenings with him were always very pleasant. “

“I doubt if Elio, he would have grown up in this day and age, also Formula 1 pilot would have been. He was perfect in the days of yesteryear. And not in the “today, telling Laffite. “Whether he had the makings of a champion? This is very difficult to answer. Our speed, yes. But that alone is not a rule. You have to sit in the right car. And this is with a few exceptions do not apply to Elio. Look at Schumacher: He’s been world champion seven times. Now he sits in a car that is not capable of winning the World Cup and has no chance. One thing is for sure: Elio was not in Formula 1 because he had money, but because he was very talented. “

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