14 May: Site Update!

Some time has passed since the last site update, and I offer sincere apologies to all Elio fans all over the world.  Spare time in my personal life has been in short supply recently, however here at eliodeangelis.info I never tire of collecting information relating to all things Elio and on the eve of the 26th anniversary of his passing am pleased to announce a site update!

You’ll find updates in the Interviews and New Images section of the photogallery, so happy browsing!

And that’s not all.  For those of you who have not already discovered Dale Kistemakers superb photoblogsite ‘Poetics Of Speed’  at http://poeticsofspeed.com which shares his own personal photographic collection from the 1980’s I urge you to visit without delay!  The Elio de Angelis photographic collection on Dale’s site can be found here

Chasey posted at 2012-5-12 Category: Photogalleries, Site News