22 June: Jarno Trulli: Elio de Angelis was one of my heroes

From ESPN:

Lotus is preparing to celebrate its 500th grand prix by gathering every type of Lotus Formula One car raced between 1958 and 1994 at Snetterton on Sunday for the Classic Team Lotus Festival.

35 cars from 37 years of competition will be on display at the circuit, with 18 taking to the track for demonstration runs. Alongside the historic cars, this year’s Lotus T127 F1 car will also be out on track before it is packed up and sent to Valencia for the marque’s milestone race.

All three current Lotus drivers Heikki Kovalainen, Jarno Trulli and Fairuz Fauzy will be in attendance and, as well as driving the T127, will be let loose in historic Lotuses. Clive Chapman, son of Lotus’ founder Colin and boss of the event organisers Classic Team Lotus, said all three were looking forward to the festival

“Heikki drove three cars at Hethel the other day and really liked the Mario Andretti Lotus 77, and was bloody quick in it as well,” Chapman told ESPNF1. “So he’ll be driving that at Snetterton and that should be good fun to watch. Mike Gascoyne [Lotus Racing’s chief technical officer] met Betty Hill and my mother two or three months ago and was really blown away by them, so we’ve put him in Graham Hill’s Monaco-winning Type 49 car. Jarno is looking forward to driving the Elio de Angelis car, because Elio was one of his heroes as he was growing up and getting into racing. And Fairuz Fauzy is going to be put in the Type 79.”

When asked if the drivers would be told to hold back, Chapman said: “No it’s up to them how fast the drive. Frankly, I know Heikki will be flat out, Jarno I suspect will be slightly less gung-ho but he and Fauzy will still be pretty quick.

Also, being able to see a current F1 car away from a grand prix circuit doesn’t really happen anymore, so that’ll be great for the fans.”

June 14th: Touched by de Angelis

Elio de Angelis in the Lotus 91T, 1982The latest site update contains: a new article from Peter Windsor entitled ‘Touched by de Angelis’, which appeared in the monthly f1 magazine F1 Racing.

Also, there are Photogallery updates and also some site menu re-arrangements; which gives more visibility to imaged interviews by Rombo and Autosprint magazines.


31 May: Uploads to Features and Interviews Section

Following on from yesterdays update, I’ve been busy getting some new features and interviews added to the website.

Firstly, there is a new addition entitled ‘Quotes..’ which aims to incorporate some musings from Elio de Angelis during his 6 year F1 career.  This continue to be very much ‘work in progress’ over the course of the next few months.

Secondly, there are two new articles now uploaded to Features and Interviews respectively.  The first is entitled ‘Lotus Unfolds’ by Keith Botsford from GPI, and features the resurgence of Team Lotus with the new Gerard Ducarouge designed 94t chassis at the 1983 European Grand Prix at Brands Hatch.  The second is an interview published by Autosport’s Mike Doodson in the fall of 1984.

30 May: 1984 Dallas Grand Prix: Forget Brotherly Love…

Grand Prix International No 85
Grand Prix International No 85

A new article is is now availabe under the ‘Features’ section, which tells the story of the 1984 Dallas Grand Prix with a focus on Nigel Mansell and the relationships during this stage of the season between Elio, Nigel and JPS Team Lotus

15 May: 1979 USA West GP: Elio vs Didier

In memory of the 24th year of Elio’s passing, a short video from 1979 has been uploaded to the Racing Action section.  The clip features a short duel between Elio and Didier Pironi that took place during the 1979 USA West GP of Long Beach, with Elio getting the better of the Frenchman.

26 March: Spotlight on 1980’s F1 Racing Simulations

As computer technology improves and greater flexibility for development  is incorporated into racing games, the amount of interest in vintage F1 racing continues to grow.  One such community for Computer Grand Prix simulations exists at http://www.grandprixgames.org which forms a comprehensive discussion community relating to most of the popular racing  games for the PC.

Microprose Grand Prix, rfactor, F1 Challenge are all successful games for which a host of vintage mods exist allowing the user to experience racing against all the great drivers of past decades.

Having tried all of these games and more, my personal favourite is still the great Microprose Grand Prix 4 http://www.gp4db.com which although released in 2002, still offers the best playability of any current Formula 1 simulation in my opinion.

Up until recently, the vintage (pre-1990) modding community for Grand Prix 4 has remained relatively quiet, however this all changed thanks to a very talented designer called ‘Ripping Corpse’ – more commonly known as Pedro to those familiar with the discussion boards.  Pedro has released seasons 1982 and 1983 to accompany the existing 1986 and 1988 seasons, and the result is simply superb.  In addition, he is working on release of a 1981 and 1984 carset, with 1985 planned for later this year.

Screenshots are taken from the 1983 and 1986 F1 seasons from Gp4.  What is superb about the 1982 and 1983 seasons is that true to history, new cars are released and updated throughout the season. 

Currently I’m working my way through the 1983 F1 season….and boy am I looking forward to getting my hands on the Gerard Ducarouge 94T over the course of the next few races.  That 93T really did handle like a truck!

24 March: Disaster Strikes!

Apologies for the lack of a blog update for a while, but I had been anticipating being able to upload some really unique Elio Lotus memorabilia but thanks to the English Post Office this will not be happening.

It appears that the 8 Lotus World Magazines I won on Ebay back in February are yet to be delivered to my UK address.  In addition, a ‘Tissot Team Lotus’ sticker has also failed to arrive.

This is obviously VERY disappointing news, but I plan to scribe some updates from other sources later this week.

– Stay tuned!

03 January: 2 New Interviews Uploaded From 1982 & 1984

Firstly I would like to wish my readers a very happy new year!

A couple of updates to tell you about.  The Imaged Interviews section now contains 2 new interviews from 1982 and 1984, respectively.  The 1982 interview is from the edition of Autosport where Elio won his first GP in Austria, and the 1984 interview was given at somepoint during the 1984 season.    Unfortunately, I am missing the 3rd page of the 1984 interview but will see if I can get this uploaded in due course,  so please accept my apologies.

14 December: HUGE Photogallery Update!

Elio takes a nap with Ute during the 1982 F1 Season.By way of an early Christmas present to all Elio fans, the photogallery has just had a large update.  With pictures from Elio’s pre-Formula 1 days to 1985, there should be plenty for Elio and Team Lotus to enjoy.

Thanks again must go to Mario Pizzi from Canada for sending in the pictures of Elio during the practice sessions at Montreal from 1981-1983.  Mario has been a regular contributor going right back to the early days of my old website at Geocities, and his input is always valued.

13 December: Nigel Roebucks Motorsport Magazine Podcast

The December edition of MotorSport Magazine podcast includes discussion of Elio, featuring Nigel Roebuck and special guest Niki Lauda.